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Corrugated Photo Card

Acid free, archival quality, unique subtle corrugated photo frame card.

This card has a luxuriously wide frame yet its overall size allows for posting at standard letter rate.  It achieves this by having a viewing window of just 4 3/4 x 3 inches (77 x 120 mm).  Purchasers need to be aware that when they slide their 6x4 inch photo behind the frame, the photo will be cropped by the wide frame to the viewing window size of 4 3/4 x 3 inches.  You don’t have to cut your 6x4 inch photo, just slide it behind the frame from the top or bottom.

$6.95 / pack of 3 cards and envelopes

Photo Card Corr FlowerPlus 670x536
Photo Card Corr BillyC 380x310
Photo Card Corr PupPlus 635x500

Professional Photographers: Considering this card to create your own “for sale”card range - please be aware that this card has printing on the rear.   Phone us for bulk pricing.

Photo Card Corr Rear 350x456

 Gel Pens and Markers


Write your special message in Pink, Blue, Gold or Silver with our Pentel Gel Pens.:

To Purchase:
Retailers: are shown on our retailer list page (click here).  If making a special trip please telephone the retailer first as not every retailer will stock every one of our products, or they may be out of stock. Please mention to them that you found their details on Image Display Creations’ website and encourage them to contact us to stock or re-stock.
We welcome your recommendation of a new retailer in your area for us to contact.

Online: If there is no retailer near you we recommend  miPhoto for ordering online

If you are a retailer, or from corporate or government looking to use our  products for promotional, team, event or other purposes, please contact us
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From New Zealand: 00 61 2 9948 8883
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