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General References

Notice Holder - Pocket




Small Banner & Text

Help your parents keep your notices displayed and on hand with this Magnetic Notice Holder for the fridge.  We can print, trim and insert a slip in the top with your school logo, contact details etc.  Give them to parents, sell them at cost or use as a fundraiser.

NoticeHldr DemoA

Cost with magnetic strip:

  • 1+        $7.90
  • 25+      $4.00
  • 100+    $3.80
  • 250+    $3.60
  • 500+    $3.40
  • 1000+  $3.20

plus GST

  • For an additional 50 cents plus GST we print, trim and insert a header in the top with your school or business logo, contact details etc. Email us for a template and examples to help you create your header (see some examples below).
  • Add 40 cents to receive with an adhesive strip for use on a door, kitchen cabinet, painted wall, glass, etc
  • 1+ means 1 or more, 25+ means 25 or more etc

Our Magnetic Notice Holders are very popular with schools for parents to keep notices displayed and on hand
(as image above and example headers below).

Some schools give them to parents, some sell them at cost and some  use them as a fundraiser selling them for up to $9.95


    Many uses ..  product lists on shelving, content lists on filing cabinets,
    to hold notices on metal white boards, fire safety notices . . . . . .

Have an adhesive strip instead of magnetic strip  to use the Notice Holder on a doors, kitchen cabinets, painted walls, glass, etc.  - additional 20 cents plus GST

Some example headers:


Please telephone us:

From within Australia: 1800 626 933
From elsewhere or by mobile: + 61 2 9948 8883
From New Zealand: 00 61 2 9948 8883

Email: sales@imagedisplaycreations.com.au

NotHldr FireInst2

Interested in safety posters...
 fire... OH&S...
we recommend:


Image Display Creations - Australia
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02.9948.8883  from a mobile
or click here Email

Image Display Creations - from New Zealand
00 61 2  9948 8883

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